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Employee Spotlight: Elliot Vera

SitePro's next Employee Spotlight features Operations Manager, Elliot Vera!

SitePro has some pretty amazing employees, which is why we've decided to feature talented individuals in the SitePro Studios: Employee Spotlight series. This monthly series will aim to highlight an employee who has gone above and beyond for the company and our customers. Without further ado, let's introduce our newest Employee Spotlight: Elliot Vera.

Elliot joined the team back in the spring of 2017 and currently serves as SitePro's Operation Manager. Some of his daily duties include managing the field technicians and their assignments, handling any customer issues that may come through the ROC, and helping coordinate new projects.

Elliot said his co-workers are one of his favorite parts of the job.

"I love that we're truly on the same team. And anybody's willing to pitch in, no matter what the job is," he said.

Director of Operations Paden Ferrero said he's been impressed with Elliot's relationships with customers.

"He's really good with customers, really good with making sure things are getting done," he said. "It's been awesome to watch the progression just with his interaction and training people and helping get them to the same level he's at."

SitePro customer Casey Willis said his company feels like Elliot is actually on their team because of the help he provides.

"Elliot's a very vital part to our success...if we've got problems out in the field that need to be addressed right away, he's the guy to call. I can't think of a single time that I've called Elliot and he didn't respond," he said.

Elliot said he understands that customer service is one of the most important components of the business.

"As we all know, there's thousands of automation companies out there all trying to fight for the same work and I know our software kind of speaks for itself, but alongside of that, you have to offer great customer service and I try to offer that to all customers at our company," he said.

Thank you, Elliot, for all of your hard work and dedication to our customers! Check out the video above to see more about our newest Employee Spotlight!

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