Employee Spotlight: Lori Batchelor

SitePro's October Employee Spotlight features Customer Success Manager, Lori Batchelor!

SitePro has some pretty amazing employees, which is why we've decided to feature a talented individual every month in our new SitePro Studios: Employee Spotlight series. This monthly series will aim to highlight an employee who has gone above and beyond for the company and our customers. Without further ado, let's introduce October's Employee Spotlight: Lori Batchelor.

Lori is SitePro's Customer Success Manager and joined the team in June 2019. A West Texas native, Lori was born and raised in Lamesa, TX. She enjoys golfing, spending time with her family, and going to the casino.

As the Customer Success Manager, Lori and her team work with SitePro's customers from the start to ensure they know how to use the product, that it's working well and will help address and improve any issues that may arise. 

"Our goal is to understand our customer's day-to-day business and to incorporate those processes with using the SitePro software or SitePro Central database," Lori said in an interview with SitePro Co-CEO David Bateman.

The customer success team consists of Lee Ward, Nancy Myers and Lori. The three of them reach out to all of SitePro and SitePro Central's customers at least once every quarter to ensure everything is operating correctly.

During the interview, Lori recalled a time customer success was vital to a company's operations. One of the customer's employees had left the organization, leaving the rest of the company unsure how to enter the necessary data or use SitePro's data management system.

"So they contacted us," Lori said. "And not only were we able to guide them and their processes just from what we did know about that customer...but they also found out they were delinquent with the Railroad Commission...and we were able to get them current with the Railroad Commission within like six weeks."

It's just one example of how Lori and her team go above and beyond to get to know SitePro's customers and ensure they're operating efficiently! Thank you, Lori, for all of your hard work and everything you do for SitePro and our customers!

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