"Managed Services: What That Means for You" Webinar Replay

Posted by SitePro on April 15, 2020

Listen to Sales Account Executive Ryon Corley and VP of Technology Erik Waters on the "Managed Services: What That Means for You" Webinar Replay as they discuss Managed Services and how they can benefit your operations.


During these current conditions, you don't have to operate on your own. Strengthen your operations with our newly expanded managed services. Whether you're using our Command Center software or not, all we need is a connection to your existing SCADA platform to provide our managed services functions and give you peace of mind.

This webinar replay is great for anyone interested in lowering costs internally, especially with the sensitive times in the industry. Learn about how we can help provide a high impact to your operating costs while keeping capital requirements down.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • What is a Managed Service?
  • What makes Managed Services effective?
  • SitePro's Managed Services: 
    • ROC Proactive
    • ROC Ticketing
    • ROC Dispatch
  • What are "SCADA Agnostic" Services? 
  • Which Managed Services make sense for you?

About the speakers:

Ryon CorleySales Account Executive

Ryon is an automation expert with 12 years of experience in the oil and gas industry under his belt. In, the past, Ryon managed the build-out of the largest interconnecting water pipeline in the Eagle Ford. In his current role as Sales Account Executive, Ryon assists in project management and implementation of his clients' new facilities in the Gulf Coast and South Texas region. With his previous experience in E&P companies, he continues to leads the conversation of automation and how operators benefit from using technology in today’s digital oilfield.


Erik Waters, Vice President - Technology

Erik manages the development and implementation of the company's automation software that is responsible for improving the fluid management operations for our customers by lowering operating expenses, improving safety, and increasing facility uptime. In addition to his time at SitePro, Erik has experience in Operations and Engineering with Chesapeake Energy.

If you would like more information or want a deeper dive into any one of the topics covered in this webinar, schedule a demo by clicking the button below or reaching out to our sales team at sales@sitepro.com.