Oil and Gas Chemical Management Operations [Video]

The management of oilfield chemicals in the upstream and midstream sectors is a costly and difficult operation to manage.

It’s hard to believe that one of the smallest tanks at a facility can account for some of the highest operating costs associated with saltwater disposal and production facilities.

...But what those chemical tanks lack in size, they make up for in expensive; and hazardous consumables vital to the health of oil and gas facilities.

The old “set-it and forget-it” way of managing chemical dosing in the oilfield was costly and inefficient. It required frequent site-visits to detect and repair chemical leaks, fix broken or inoperable pumps and adjust dosing schedules because they were either set too low to be effective or too high, wasting expensive chemicals.

So, how do facility managers and operators combat this necessary, but often wasteful activity in their operational processes? We Automate!

By integrating state-of-the-art LMI pumps and equipment with the power of the SitePro platform, our system can monitor flow rates, fluid volumes and composition to automatically adjust chemical dosage; reducing costs and improving the useful life of your high-value assets.

With SitePro's new Oilfield Chemical Management Automation platform your facilities are treated with the right dose of chemicals based on your ever-changing operational conditions. With real-time monitoring and reporting of the fluids moving through your system, you know the chemical treatment schedule is supplying the precise parts per million (ppm) to keep your facilities protected.

Don’ treat the chemicals at your facilities like a rotisserie chicken. A small investment in the automation of your chemical management activities could save you tens-of-thousands of dollars at every facility in your operations.

The digital oilfield is continuously improving oilfield fluid management operations. The addition of a oil and gas chemical management software to the SitePro platform is just the next step in our commitment to providing the oilfield with the most advanced fluid management products and services available in any basin, around the world.

For a more in-depth demonstration on how SitePro can assist in your specific operations, schedule a demo with one of our automation experts by clicking the button below or reaching out to our sales team at

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