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September 2021 Release Notes

We're excited to present the September 2021 version of the SitePro Platform. In our commitment to making SitePro it's best possible self, we've added new functionality, upgraded some old features.

A simpler, more organized InSite

It's now easier than ever to control and monitor your operations with InSite, Config Advisor, and Control Audit. We've taken the guesswork out of site configuration by adding easy-to-use tools. InSite helps you configure your site, change equipment set points and run logic, as well as remotely control any device. You can even add equipment to your site configuration in real-time. Configuration Advisor lets you configure with confidence by reviewing your work and ensuring it’s just right to work with SitePro. Finally, Control Audit ensures you never miss a thing by providing a real-time audit trail of everything happening on your site. Transparency is important. We've made all the magic behind the curtain available just for you.

 September_Command Center Release

Improve ticket accuracy with Well Data

When it comes to data entry, it’s almost impossible to get it perfect. SitePro brings you closer to perfection with our new Well Data management tool. We've updated the Well Data manager to update your site with state regulatory data automatically every week. And the best part? There's no downtime or impact on your operation. You no longer have to call us to set up the regulatory data your customers see on site. Instead, you can quickly and efficiently manage it from the web application.

 September_Well Data

Simplify billing with the new Rate Center

We've enhanced the Rate Center you know and love to make billing a breeze. Set up rates based on a fluid type, service company, or operator to ensure your tickets come in with the correct rate every time. Export them all for reporting purposes as well!

 September_Rate Center


New powerful, easy-to-use analytic tools for Site Intel

Gathering and visualizing data has never been easier.  With the new easy-to-use analytic tools for Site Intel, you can take your information visualization to the next level.  Optimize your data workflow with the new, easy-to-use and understandable, Nested Bubble and Pie Charts.

NestedBubble_September Release


We are excited for you to start using these great new features! To view the complete list of Release Notes, you can access them in the Learning Center in the Command Center. 

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