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SitePro's February 2020 Release

See what new features and updates are introduced in the first in a series of updates scheduled for 2020.

The February SitePro Release introduces the first in a series of updates scheduled for 2020 to merge the best features of SitePro and SWD Central (formerly ICS) providing users with the leading automation experience in the digital oilfield.

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The release continues the SitePro commitment to provide easier access to operational data.  In addition to the popular Meter Report, the Alarm and Pump Summary Reports are now available. 

The Admin Center has been significantly revised to provide System Administrators a more streamlined, efficient tool for management and oversight.

For users in the field, additional notification and tools have been added to control the IPC Restart process. Restarts are necessary from time to time to prevent long-time run errors (LREs) and now users have more awareness and control over this process.

Chemical Management capabilities have been enhanced in both SiteControl (on-premises) and Command Center (web) based on user feedback from the SitePro Early Adopter program.

The Q1 release includes several bug fixes and enhancements, including improvements for users in the Wyoming area of operations.


  • IQ Beta
    • Blank columns when multiple sites are selected in Analysis
    • Grouping of transaction data in the Spider Map
    • Spider Map showing duplicate data
    • Incorrect Values in Analysis
  • SiteControl
    • SiteControl source edit in the Driver Offload Process
    • Reorganized the restricted and recent leases views
  • Ticket Center
    • Checkboxes not functioning as expected in the Ticket Center Data Verification workflow
    • Missing Regulatory Info filter not working
    • New Service Companies are showing the SWD name
  • Reports
    • Scheduled Reports not sending emails
  • Regulatory Center
    • P-18 Data Import Error when overriding validation
    • P-18 PDF is cutting off some RRC Gatherer Numbers
    • P-18 calculating running total instead of total per page
  • Command Center
    • Chemical Charts on site detail pages 
    • Pumps and Meters Charts on site detail pages not working
    • Chemical data showing in wrong units
    • Alarm counts not updating in the Summary Panel for lower OU levels


  • Reports
    • Add OU name under the Site Name in Reports
    • Default Meter Uptime to be included all the time
    • Add filtering to handle dates and numbers

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