SitePro Launches SitePro Operations Support (SOS), an Outsourced, 24/7, Monitoring Service for Remote Field Operations

Posted by SitePro on February 28, 2018

SitePro Launches Market’s First Outsourced Operational Support Monitoring Service

LUBBOCK, Texas, Feb. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — SitePro® (the Company), announced today the launch SOS, SitePro® Operations Support, a 24/7 remote operations support subscription service, with highly trained personnel continuously monitoring, evaluating, and adjusting customer’s assets from a centralized network operations support center. This unique service allows our clients to outsource contract pumpers completely or just during night hours, resulting in immediate savings and efficiency.

“SOS is for any company that wants to maintain or increase their asset monitoring capabilities while at the same time lowering their Operation Expenses (OPEX),” said Jordan Kutscherousky, Vice President of Sales for SitePro. “Any company that operates remote water infrastructure which requires manual monitoring can benefit from SOS by leveraging our economy of scale and industry expertise.”

SitePro Operations Support is staffed by system analysts that are expertly trained by operational subject matter experts. Each member of the SOS team is assigned to a specific client and briefed on each individual site’s history and operational model, making the team fully prepared for every situation. If there is any risk of an accident occurring, our team is very effective at filling the gap between recognition of the problem and a problem actually occurring.

“With SOS, we wanted to build a highly skilled automation team that understands the equipment and processes used by our clients at their facilities. In today’s world of oilfield fluid logistics, you don’t just build a facility and walk away. You are constantly updating and expanding to best serve the Operators,” said Erik Waters, Vice President of Operations for SitePro. “SOS remotely assists our clients, in combination with our field personnel, in the modification and optimization of their facilities in that oilfield. We also monitor the alarms and work with customers to create immediate corrective action processes to correctly dispatch additional assets to remedy the situation. The SOS team also serves as an analyst and creates daily reports to help with volume reconciliation across our client’s systems of facilities.”

Outsourcing the final element of remote monitoring allows operators to further reduce operating expenses while increasing reliability and up-time. Finding qualified and trained personnel has historically been a challenge for service companies, SOS also helps address this issue by training our personnel specifically for water related field assets and operations.

SOS was launched in collaboration with Enwater, a leading provider of water management services in the Permian Basin. “SOS gives us operational peace of mind, knowing they know our system as well as we do. I communicate with them the same way I do with our personnel, sometimes through text or email when I’m busy in the field,” says Chase Davis, Operations Manager for Enwater. “We have already seen an enormous value by catching incidents in the field before they happen and by dispatching personnel faster and more accurately.”

“Now that sites can be viewed and controlled in real-time remotely, it naturally makes sense to create a highly trained centralized team to optimize, control, and analyze those sites.  No longer do you have to have a pumper drive out to a site to see what’s going on in the middle of the night, the SOS Team can assist in making decisions and dispatch other resources to help you allocate your resources where you need them,” said David Bateman, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer for SitePro. “This service is highly scalable due to our centralized theme, so we plan on providing this subscription service to our clients in each market of the water lifecycle.”


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