No-Code: Giving the Power to the People Who Don't Know Code

No-code platforms allow anyone and everyone to build fully functioning, enterprise-ready applications to enhance their business.

For most of us, many everyday tasks are powered by code. From checking your bank account and driving to work, to liking your friend's post on social media and setting an alarm on your phone; programming is what makes these things possible.

Coding is how we communicate with computers. It tells computers what to do and makes it possible to create software, websites, apps, and much more.

But also for most of us, the thought of web development or writing code seems overwhelming or downright impossible. But what was once only a space for developers and those with an advanced knowledge of writing code, is now open to everyone. Even you! Introducing, the no-code revolution.

While the No-Code Revolution is not necessarily a new phenomenon, it has seen a boost in the last couple of years. Why? Our need for connectivity and never-ending thirst for productivity has fueled its recent popularity. People want to get things done themselves in a short amount of time.

What is no-code?

No-code is a software development approach that allows programmers and non-programmers alike to quickly build and design applications without actually writing code or interacting with back-end systems. In short, it's a web development application that's for everyone. We can all be developers with no-code.

The movement itself is based on the belief that technology should enable and encourage ideas and creativity...not be a barrier to the industry. It rides the belief that there shouldn't be a daunting, expensive wall between SaaS companies/developers and their customers. 

How does no-code work?

The phrase "no-code" is actually a little misleading. Of course, there is plenty of coding involved for a no-code platform. However, it's behind the scenes and typically invisible to the line-of-business user. The hard stuff is created and coded by the provider of the platform or website, but is practically invisible to the user. 

No-code platforms typically come in the form of a graphic user interface. According to an article by Tulip, this allows users to "drag and drop elements into place, create rich functionality through event-based triggers and if-then logic, and track performance data as the app runs."

No-code platforms allow employees who know the necessary business requirements and goals (but may not be technically-savvy enough to write code) to create their own website or enhance an existing site or application. The movement takes the fundamentals of coding and translates them into simple drag and drop elements. 

What are the benefits?

1. Instant changes made internally

With quick and easy access, no-code users can create and make changes quickly without needing a developer or third-party engineer. This in-house capability allows businesses to radically shorten the development cycle, thus allowing them to succeed more quickly. What used to take weeks or sometimes months can now be done in a matter of seconds.

2. Lower cost

Not only will no-code platforms free up your company from expensive third-party engineers and development teams, it will free up any IT staff members to focus on more valuable projects. This tradeoff can save time and money for organizations.

3. Little to no training required

No-code's easy-to-use user interfaces make it easy for any employee to make adjustments. While some platforms may require basic training, no coding is required. Reconfigure your sites in seconds!

4. Bridges communication gaps

No-code solutions help bridge communication gaps by removing unnecessary and sometimes misinterpreted ideas between leadership and IT personnel and/or contracted developers/engineers. The removal of coding allows all team members to collaborate and be involved.

In short, no-code platforms are available for everyone to use; saving time, money, and making your business and employees work more efficiently. Take your application into your own hands.

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