What Does the ICS Acquisition Mean for SitePro?

November 14, 2019
The SitePro leadership team is excited about the future of SitePro and what the acquisition of Integrated Control Solutions (ICS) means for the company as a whole.  … Continued

Field Ticket Reconciliation Made Easy [Video]

October 7, 2019
The work that you do in the oilfield is hard enough. With long hours, hazardous jobs and extreme weather conditions, paperwork and regulatory filings shouldn’t be what keeps you from getting paid.  … Continued

Oil and Gas Chemical Management Operations [Video]

September 17, 2019
It’s hard to believe that one of the smallest tanks at a facility can account for some of the highest operating costs associated with saltwater disposal and production facilities. … Continued

Oil and Gas Exploration & Production Market [Video]

September 5, 2019
The costs associated with the transportation, storage and treatment of oilfield fluids are a major determining factor in the profitability of every oil and gas play. … Continued

Oil and Gas Fluid Management [Video]

July 24, 2019
The costs associated with the transportation, storage and treatment of oilfield fluids are a major determining factor in the profitability of an oil and gas play. … Continued

Going Beyond SCADA: SitePro Overview

June 26, 2019
Curious about SitePro and how we can assist in fluid management operations? Watch our new short video to get an overview of our key services and solutions. … Continued

Fluid Management 101: Webinar Replay

June 7, 2019
Listen to two of our fluid automation experts, Dale Sanders and Campbell Gough, on the Fluid Management 101 Webinar replay as they walk you through the basic functionalities of the SitePro platform and show you how other upstream and midstream oilfield companies are using it to cut costs and improve their operations. … Continued

Microsoft Azure and SitePro [Video]

February 18, 2019
As SitePro continues to work towards maintaining their strong reputation of helping increase efficiency and productivity for clients within the modern upstream oil and gas industry, their use of Azure Cosmos DB recently caught the attention of Microsoft. In a newly released video, Microsoft showcases SitePro and how Azure Cosmos DB has assisted the company in … Continued

Ticket Management Systems: How paper tickets are costing you money

August 27, 2018
Understanding complex information has always been a part of the oil and gas industry. The vast amount of data the work generates warrants industry-wide standardization. Transferring data from one system to another, reconciling data by hand and trying to interpret data by eyeballing an Excel spreadsheet will continue to produce error-prone results. These errors may … Continued

IPC Based Automation: Helping The Oilfield Manage Integrated Operations

August 16, 2018
As a part of the global and dynamic oil and gas industry, there is a constant need to sustain profitability using the latest technology. Thanks to innovative solutions like the cloud, mobility, and advanced analytics tools, oilfield operators can extract more value from their assets and maximize uptime. … Continued