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Power in the Palm of Your Hand: SitePro Mobile App Introduction

With the launch of the SitePro Mobile App, oilfield operators now have the ability to remotely control their fluid management system on any iOS device.

With the recent release of SitePro Mobile, the most advanced remote operation control app on the iOS network, SitePro Inc. is proud to be providing the best solution for oil and gas fluid management.

Leading the digital oilfield revolution, SitePro Mobile brings the remote control and monitoring of real-time data and analytics from SitePro's Command Center to the iPhone and iPad.

The ability to get real-time visibility into the performance of equipment and facilities across a user’s entire system has always been available through SitePro's mobile web application but the native iOS app enhances the user experience and expands the available options. SitePro Mobile makes full use of the user's mobile device features with the ability to work without access to WiFi or cellular data, and introduces access to advanced remote control and settings that weren’t available before in mobile browsing.

Upon opening the app, your operational data will be immediately available. With updated summaries on your truck volumes, pipeline volumes and tickets for specific date ranges, keeping track of all your sites and facilities is easier than ever before. You can also view all of the flows that drive your operations with meter data for 3 days, 7 days, 30 days or a custom time frame of your choosing, along with grids that show your hourly data.

In order to make sure your equipment is protected and your workforce stays in-the-know about what is going on at your facility, you can receive detailed alarms and notifications directly within the app. If your facility is equipped with cameras, SitePro Mobile allows you to use fully integrated live video and motion captures. By integrating so many features of SitePro's Command Center into a mobile app, our customers have greater control of their operations with a much more friendly user interface.

Need help getting to a site? Don’t worry! SitePro Mobile will work with your default navigation application to ensure you get to where you need to be with turn-by-turn directions. With the ability to share this information with a single click, your site is easier to find for third-parties and emergency responders.

With the same functionality as your on-site SitePro automation panel, SitePro Mobile gives you the ability to reset meters, tank settings, control pumps, and other live remote controls without having to be physically at the terminal or tied to a computer.

SitePro Mobile is the next evolution in the digital oilfield and can fundamentally change how you manage your operations. You can now have the power of the oil and gas industry's most advanced fluid management software in the palm of your hand!

Interested in integrating SitePro Mobile into your operations? SitePro Mobile for iOS is currently available to download in the App Store. The app requires user credentials with appropriate access permissions. Existing SitePro customers can inquire with their customer service representative about SitePro Mobile. Non-SitePro customers can get a temporary demo account by reaching out to


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