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SitePro Goes Blue for National Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and to show support, SitePro employees wore blue to raise awareness to the staggering amount of cases in the community.

SitePro employees wore blue Friday to show support for "Go Blue Lubbock" and National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The campaign aims to bring awareness to the rampant amount of child abuse in our community and across the nation. It also promotes and supports families so abuse is prevented altogether.

Lubbock County has one of the highest rates of child abuse in the state with an average of three children suffering from abuse or neglect every day, according to the Lubbock Area United Way. More than 184 children are confirmed victims of child abuse every day in Texas, with at least seven children suffering maltreatment every hour.

The South Plains Coalition for Child Abuse Prevention kicked off "Go Blue Lubbock" in 2013 in an effort to bring awareness to those statistics. The campaign encourages people to wear blue during the month of April and promotes conversation, education, and advocacy about the difficult topic.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month was created in 1983, with April as the designated month for observation. Throughout the month, residents are encouraged to wear blue and/or blue ribbons, which is the international symbol for child abuse awareness.

The blue ribbon was introduced as a symbol in 1989 when Virginia's grandmother, Bonnie Finney tied a blue ribbon to the antenna of her van. When Finney was asked about the ribbon, she told them the story of abuse her grandchildren suffered, which ultimately led to the death of her three-year-old grandson.

To learn more about National Child Abuse Prevention Month and ways you can help raise awareness, visit the Child Welfare website and the Lubbock Area United Way's website.







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