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Employee Spotlight: Dustin Brown

We're excited to introduce our newest Employee Spotlight, Dustin Brown!

Here at SitePro, we have some pretty awesome employees. That's why we've decided to feature some of those talented individuals in our Employee Spotlight series. This series aims to highlight an employee who has gone above and beyond for our company and customers. Without further ado, let's introduce our newest Employee Spotlight: Dustin Brown!


Dustin joined SitePro five years ago and is currently our Director of Technology. His primary duties include managing the development and delivery of the software and its implementation. He was quick to shoutout the rest of his development team and all of the hard work they put into creating and providing a world-class software solution.

"These guys have been wonderful to me," he said. "It's been a great experience to work with such high-caliber professionals."

Several others in the technology department at SitePro also vocalized praise for Dustin and the development team:

"We have a small team. But each individual that we have is just a go-getter," said Jarrod Cabarubio, SitePro test engineer.

"You can tell that they really care about the code they're implementing," said product analyst, Ryan Smith. "They really take pride in the code they put out and how it supports the actual platforms we have."

Dustin said the technology departments are currently working on streamlining the development process to be able to adapt to our customers' needs more efficiently. 

"We're preparing to be more responsive to the business demands that come along," he said.

Thank you, Dustin, for all of the hard work you dedicate to our team here at SitePro and our customers! 

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