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Employee Spotlight: Jacob Monroe

We're excited to introduce our newest Employee Spotlight, software developer, Jacob Monroe!

SitePro has some pretty amazing employees, and that's why we've decided to feature them in our Employee Spotlight series! This series aims to highlight employees who have gone above and beyond for our customers and colleagues. Without further ado, introducing our newest Employee Spotlight, Jacob Monroe!


Jacob is a software developer for SitePro and specifically codes and enhances the local desktop application, SiteControl. 

"He just totally took over, took ownership of that project. And that has allowed us to accelerate the entire software as a whole," said Jarrod Cabarubio, SitePro Test Engineer.

Jacob's primary duties include fixing any issues within and enhancing SiteControl.

"I've loved solving problems, like figuring out puzzles, and SitePro allows me to do that," he said.

"Having him be on the product and be a subject matter expert, like testing it, doing the test engineering, seeing how it QC/QAed out in the field, and then actually in turn being the man who's pulling all the levers and pushing all the buttons to get the next release out to solve those problems is pretty awesome," said SitePro VP of Technology, Dustin Brown.

In addition to the problem-solving aspect associated with coding the software, Jacob said one of his favorite parts of working at SitePro are his co-workers. 

"I really do enjoy the people that I work with, and everything we do here. I think we're doing great things and I'm glad I can be a part of this team," Jacob said.

Thank you, Jacob, for all that you do to support our customers and team members. Watch the video above for more on Jacob's Spotlight.

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