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Employee Spotlight: Jordan Broome

We're excited to introduce SitePro's newest Employee Spotlight, Jordan Broome!

SitePro has some pretty amazing employees, and that's why we've decided to feature some of them in our series, Employee Spotlight. Without further ado, introducing our newest Employee Spotlight, Senior Development Engineer, Jordan Broome!

Jordan has been working at SitePro for nearly seven years. His primary duties include developing hardware and software for new applications and integrating new devices into the platform. Some of his day-to-day activities include assisting with the technical aspects of the platform and and researching and developing control and monitoring solutions.

Director of Technology Dustin Brown said Jordan contains important qualities needed to create those product innovations.

"His drive to succeed combined with the brain power to envision solutions across various technology spectrums allows us to really reach for new business opportunities while improving our existing offerings. This unique combination makes him the right man for the job, no matter the ask," Dustin said.

Jordan said his favorite part of the job is getting to develop those solutions that help save our customers time and valuable resources.  He also gave a shoutout to his SitePro colleagues. 

"The coworkers are incredible people and each one has so much value to provide in unique individual ways," he said. 

"Jordan's attitude toward innovation and problem solving always helps keep the team positive and wanting to progress," said Greg Stout, SitePro Director of Engineering. "He's never negative or complaining about issues and will give you a straight-forward answer to whatever pops up."

Over the span of the last seven years, Jordan said he's seen himself grow the most in the context of systems engineering. 

Thank you, Jordan, for all of your time and hard work you dedicate to creating innovative solutions for our customers and team!

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