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Employee Spotlight: Nolan Sauer

This month we are excited to feature SitePro Electrician and Automation Technician, Nolan Sauer, as our Employee Spotlight!

SitePro has some pretty amazing employees, and that's why we've decided to feature some of those talented individuals in our SitePro Studios: Employee Spotlight series. This series aims to highlight an employee who has gone above and beyond for the company and our customers. Without further ado, let's introduce our newest Employee Spotlight: Nolan Sauer!


Nolan is an Industrial Electrician here at SitePro, so he primarily focuses on electrical work for our customers. However, he's recently started learning the automation side of the business as well, making him a versatile asset for SitePro and our customers. 

"He can do all the stuff needed on the electrical side, but he can also take on automation," said Director of Operations Russell Bradstreet. "He's been willing to learn that and he's really picked it up. He's a hybrid."

Nolan said he's really appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the automation and the responsibilities associated with it. He's been able to take on several field service jobs on his own and has become a customer favorite.

"The customer support part of it is what I love about my job...it's a great feeling at the end of the day," Nolan said.

"A lot of the customers love having him out there," Russell said. "Sometimes they'll call him direct instead of calling in to somebody else because they want him to be the one to come out to their site."

Thank you, Nolan, for all of the hard work you put in to serving our customers and our team! Watch the video above to learn more about Nolan!



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