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Employee Spotlight: Sandhya Rangineni

We're excited to feature our newest Employee Spotlight, Sandhya Rangineni!

Here at SitePro, we have some pretty amazing employees. That's why we've created the Employee Spotlight, a series aimed at featuring some of our awesome people! Without further ado, let's introduce our newest Employee Spotlight, senior software developer, Sandhya Rangineni!

Sandhya has been a driving force behind the software development for nearly seven years. Her primary duties are all-things-development, including writing, testing, and maintaining code, identifying and troubleshooting software issues, identifying and improving the performance of the software, providing ongoing support for the product, and so much more. 

She said she's seen the most professional growth in her technical skills since starting at SitePro.

"Also, one area of significant growth has been in problem-solving," said said. "Working on challenging issues and debugging complex code has honed my ability to identify and address software problems effectively."

"Sandhya is Sitepro's go-to dev for all emergency fixes pertaining to SitePro web," said Jarrod Cabarubio, SitePro's test engineer. "She is always available when a team member reaches out with a pressing issue. In essence, her abilities and role are fundamental in upholding the integrity of our software."

Some of Sandhya's favorite aspects of working at SitePro are career growth opportunities, interesting and challenging projects, the flexibility and positivity of SitePro's work environment, and her great colleagues. 

Speaking of great colleagues, many of SitePro's software developers work remotely from the Lubbock corporate office, spanning from South Carolina to Brazil to Ukraine to the Texas hill country, where Sandhya herself works. 

"Overall, I think working remotely has been a positive experience, but I do miss some aspects of working in an office," she said. "I think the key to success when working remotely is to find ways to stay connected with your team and to create a productive work environment at home."

Sandhya said some of her goals over the next few years include improving her coding skills and working on some open-source projects in her spare time, as well as maintaining a healthy work-life balance to focus on her family and other personal interests. 

Thank you, Sandhya, for all of your hard work dedicated to SitePro and our customers!

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