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FAQ: How Can I Use the Data SitePro Collects for Regulatory Reporting?

SitePro's unique capability to collect and sort data make regulatory reporting a breeze for public water systems.

Cities across the country are required to report certain data concerning their water and wastewater systems. This accountability ensures that citizens and communities are provided safe drinking water. 

However, if cities don't have SCADA systems in place that can track that data, collecting and sorting it for reporting purposes can be a pain. Not to mention, data acquisition in general helps public works officials make informed, more accurate decisions when managing their water systems.


SitePro's unique software helps cities track all kinds of data: from tank levels to water quality to actionable data for informed decision-making.

We brought on SitePro consultant and former city manager Darrell Newsom to answer some questions about how that information can expedite the reporting process.

Q: "How can I use data SitePro collects for regulatory reporting and compliance purposes?

Darrell's Answer: "SitePro collects a tremendous amount of data. If it can be controlled or operated or monitored, it can be collected as data."

The SitePro platform allows you to pick and choose what data points you want to track and how you want that collected data to be displayed.

Darrell: "And so that gives you tremendous power to be able to do a lot of different things. And whether that be regulatory or whether it's future engineering designed for budgetary purposes...you're able to get the data in your hands in a format that you can understand."

Darrell: "So you can build your own graphs, graphics, you can build your own reports and templates without having to go to a different brand or type of software as an adjunct software to accomplish what you really want to accomplish."

It's your operations- you should be able to access the data you need, when you need it. To learn more about how SitePro can help your city manage its data, sign up to meet with a SitePro representative today. 

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