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Going Beyond SCADA: SitePro Overview

Curious about SitePro and how we can assist in fluid management operations? Watch our new short video to get an overview of our key services and solutions.

Curious about SitePro and how we can assist in fluid management operations? Watch our new short video to get an overview of our key services and solutions.

SitePro is an oilfield service company focused on combining real-time cutting edge automation and cloud based software solutions to optimize the entirety of your fluid management operations.

With an IPC based automation system fully supported by a 24-hour remote operations center, we help oilfield businesses scale faster and at lower operating costs than ever before.

SitePro is able to do this by developing custom software that provides real-time access and control of even the most complex fluid management operations. Combining the power of Microsoft’s Azure database with the most advanced automation hardware allows us to give our customers more control and insights than any other solution on the market.

Regardless of what hardware or software package you might be using today, SitePro’s in-house team of expert electricians and automation techs have the ability to upgrade your existing operations to a state-of-the-art fluid management system.

SitePro offers a wide array of solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our Software Platform provides real-time data management and operations controls. Our Automation Suite streamlines our customers operations, improving efficiencies and reducing HSE events. Our Ticket Management System reduces invoicing errors and improves cashflow, while our Regulatory Filing software takes those tedious tasks off the hands of your back-office personnel. If you combine all of SitePro’s service offerings with our ability to install and maintain all of our own hardware you get a one-stop-shop for all of your fluid management operation’s needs.

SitePro has made managing your fluid-management operations easier than ever before with our fully integrated dashboards and web-based command center. You now have access to all of your operational data, and a live layout of your facilities in real-time. With every aspect of our system customizable, you can set tank limits, alarm functions and system notifications based on your specific operational parameters.

SitePro’s software package can improve the operations of a single facility by eliminating the need to make daily “milk-runs” and speed up your reporting process but our system can also scale with even the largest network of pipelines, tank-batteries and trucks allowing larger operators to save on operating costs at an exponential rate as they expand and grow their operations.

SitePro is committed to supplying the latest in advanced automation hardware, software and support services to improve oilfield fluid management operations. We don’t rely on antiquated equipment, incapable of scaling with today’s technology, our solutions make the oilfield truly digital by going beyond SCADA allowing you to make better operational decisions and scale your business.

If you would like a more in-depth demonstration on how SitePro can assist in your specific operations, schedule a demo with one of our automation experts by clicking the button below or reaching out to our sales team at sales@sitepro.com.

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