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Maximize Your ROI: Six Ways Digital Ticketing Transforms SWD Operations

Saltwater disposal companies can utilize digital ticketing and reporting software to streamline their operations and boost ROI.

In today’s competitive oil and gas market, it’s crucial for saltwater disposal (SWD) companies to be efficient- especially with transactions and regulatory reporting. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through the adoption of digital ticketing and reporting software. Unlike traditional paper tickets, digital ticketing offers numerous benefits that can significantly boost your return on investment (ROI.)

  1. Enhanced Accuracy And Reduced ErrorsSample Paper Ticket (2)

Paper ticket systems are prone to human errors during information entry, handling, and then transfer to invoices or reports. This can include misread or messy handwriting, lost tickets, and manual calculation mistakes made during consolidation and input. These mistakes can lead to incorrect billing and reports, which can lead to customer loss and regulatory fees. 

Digital ticketing systems eliminate these issues by providing a standardized and automated data capture process. No more illegible handwriting or calculation mistakes when editing those tickets. This ensures all transactions are recorded correctly, reducing the risk of invoice mistakes and regulatory noncompliance. 

2. Time Savings

Digital ticketing streamlines the ticketing process, allowing saltwater disposal operations to save money in multiple areas of their transaction process. Operators no longer have to travel to remote locations to gather paper tickets and bring them back to the office. 

Tickets can be generated, submitted, and processed in real time, which accelerates the workflow and billing process. It especially reduces the amount of time ticketing administrators spend editing tickets and preparing them for billing and reports. This faster processing means quicker invoices and payment cycles, improving cash flow.

"This is saving us over a thousand hours per month."


3. Real-time Data and Analytics

One of the standout benefits of digitizing saltwater disposals’ ticketing processes is the ability to access real-time data and analytics. This allows high-level oversight into hauling information and gives operators the ability to monitor disposal activities as they occur, providing valuable insight into the operations. This in turn allows for better decision-making and proactive responses to any issues that might unfold. 

In addition, this gives decision makers the ability to identify trends and optimize their operations based on data-driven insights. 

4. Improved Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with oil and gas governing bodies and their regulations is crucial in the oil and gas industry. In Texas specifically, saltwater disposal companies are required to report their transactions and fluid movement monthly. Submitting incorrect information can result in hefty fines for the company.

As mentioned above, digital ticketing systems not only result in less incorrect calculations and misread handwriting, but they can also automate the reporting process by capturing and storing all necessary data. This ensures transaction information is readily available for administrators to easily generate and submit required reports. 

5. Cost Reduction

What’s an easy way to improve a company’s ROI? Find simple ways to cut costs. The costs associated with paper ticketing, such as printing, handling, and storing those tickets can add up. Digital ticketing eliminates those costs by moving the entire process online. This frees up operators and ticket administrators to focus on other important tasks.

Having trouble finding good help? Ticketing and reporting software can reduce the cost of staff by digitizing duties that would otherwise be hired or contracted out. 

As mentioned before, digital ticketing can lead to a reduction in errors, which can in turn result in less fines and lower operational costs. 

6. Environmental Benefits

One of the obvious benefits of cutting out paper tickets is the environmental impact. Adopting digital ticketing cuts out paper waste, helping SWD companies contribute to conservation efforts. This ESG-friendly approach can attract environmentally-conscious customers and investors, further boosting profitability. 

Digital ticketing and reporting can be a ROI game-changer for SWD companies. It’s not just a simplified, technological upgrade, but a strategic move that can improve efficiency, compliance, conservation, and profitability. 

SitePro offers a robust digital ticketing and reporting solution. Our software allows users to input data, edit tickets in bulk, export data for invoicing, and easily transfer that information for reporting purposes (in report templates that already exist in the software.)

Already have a platform for ticketing? No problem. Our Ticket Center + Regulatory Center software package gives you the power to upgrade any ticketing process you currently have in place. Connect to other platforms or upload paper tickets to edit/consolidate, then complete the digital regulatory form with ease. No hardware required.

With SitePro, you can optimize your SWD ticketing processes for as little as $150/month. Let’s streamline your ticketing and reporting process.

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