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Texas P-18 Reporting Updates: What Saltwater Disposal Operators Need to Know

Learn more about new P-18 reporting guidelines from the Railroad Commission of Texas and how it impacts saltwater disposal operators and ticketing administrators.

The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) is adopting a new version of the Skim Oil/Condensate Report (Form P-18), also known as the Monthly Production Report.

Form P-18 is a monthly transportation, storage, and injection report required by oil and gas operators in Texas. It notifies the RRC the amount of water and oil/condensate that was received and skimmed each month. The new update will be required for all reports filed for the April 2024 reporting period and beyond. 

According to the Texas RRC, “the revisions to the Form P-18 include the addition of:

  • A purpose for filing section
  • Lines for out-of-state waters, oil transfer, and BS&W (Basic Sediment and Water)
  • Page VI (A) to support of the out-of-state waters line and VI (B) was added to support consolidated Form P-18s”

The goal of these updates is to gather additional information about disposal activity, maintain compliance with state regulations, and streamline the data entry process.

Operators are required to fill out the new version of this form beginning May 1, 2024. The Texas RRC will not accept the previous version following this date. 

You can find the updated versions on the RRC’s website

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