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Oil and Gas Fluid Management [Video]

Oil and Gas Fluid Management is one aspect of oilfield operations that, when automated will return the greatest return on your investment by reducing OPEX

The costs associated with the transportation, storage and treatment of oilfield fluids are a major determining factor in the profitability of an oil and gas play.

The production of every oil or gas field is governed by the economics associated with getting its hydrocarbons to market, and the defining factor in those economics is the transportation, handling and storage of produced water, oil, and the various other fluids recovered from the wells in those oil fields.

The vast quantities of water and other fluids being produced from oilfields around the world is exponentially greater than that of the hydrocarbons being recovered from those same wells. This is causing oil and gas operators to explore new ways to reduce costs associated with handling those mostly unwanted fluids.

SitePro’s approach to lowering the costs associated with oilfield fluid management has been a triumph of modern technology.

Our software gives operators full control of their fluid management operations. With graphic overlays that include “spider-maps” showing how entire fields move fluid through their complex supply chain network, and electronic ticketing systems that shorten the “order-to-cash” billing cycle, SitePro is helping operators scale at a rate never before possible.

SitePro is also transforming how fluid management operations are run, with the use of remote monitoring and predictive analytics through built-in machine learning. These advanced tools improve the operational decision making of facility managers, by providing instantaneous data analysis, while allowing sites to operate with minimal human intervention.

The cost savings achieved by oilfield operators using fluid management automation software can be seen as real dollars on their bottom line. Saving one to three cents per barrel of produced water might not seem like a lot to those outside the midstream sector of the oil and gas industry but when a single facility processes tens of thousands of barrels of produced water a day, those savings add up to make a real difference to their operating budget.

The future of oil and gas really is here, but only for those who embrace the new realities of a truly digital oilfield.

For a more in-depth demonstration on how SitePro can assist in your specific operations, schedule a demo with one of our automation experts by clicking the button below or reaching out to our sales team at sales@sitepro.com.

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