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Oil and Gas Exploration & Production Market [Video]

Learn how the cost savings achieved by oil and gas operators using fluid management automation software can be seen as real dollars on their bottom line.

The costs associated with the transportation, storage and treatment of oilfield fluids are a major determining factor in the profitability of every oil and gas play.

The onshore side of the E&P sector is an intricate system of pipelines, tanks and production facilities. While getting oil out of the ground is often the most costly aspect of getting petroleum products to market, operators face a whole new set of challenges in the midstream sector.

Transporting millions of barrels of oil across a vast and inhospitable landscape once required an army of pumpers, trucks and field technicians. That process is now done through a complex network of pipelines with automation equipment controlled by some of the most advanced software on the market today.

Companies like Luxe Energy have been able to transform their operations by utilizing the SitePro platform for their fluid management operations. From reduced facility build times to increased operational control onsite, SitePro’s automation platform has been a key player in reducing operating costs for E&P companies.

The days of over-engineering solutions or throwing more people at a problem in the oilfield are over. The upstream sector of the oil and gas industry has always been a leader in technology advancements in our industry, pushing the limits of exploration and production activities at the well bore and through the entire production cycle. Fluid management operations are becoming more and more complex, which is giving rise to automated software solutions that monitor and act not just when operations change but prior to those changes causing a Health, Safety or Environmental incident.

SitePro’s ability to combine its automation platform with advanced analytics gives operators real-time insight into the condition of the equipment at their facilities. This advanced data analysis is critical to helping facility managers abandon a Preventative Maintenance schedule and adopt a Predictive Maintenance philosophy; saving thousands of dollars in lost-time and equipment replacement costs.

The future of the oil and gas industry is an automated one, where data is the driving force behind your decision making.

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