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SitePro Wins National Defense Innovation Award

The award credits companies for the potential positive impact their technology will have for the warfighter and national security.

SitePro, Inc. was honored Wednesday in Washington D.C. with a “TechConnect Defense Innovation Award.”

Companies from across the country showcased their technology at the TechConnect Defense Innovation Summit & Expo, which was judged in collaboration with various United States government entities such as the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Army, Navy, and Air Force. Only the highest-ranking technologies were selected for Innovation Awards. 

The Lubbock-based company’s patented software was awarded for the “potential positive impact the submitted technology will have for the warfighter and national security.” 

SitePro Founder, Co-Ceo, and Texas Tech Alumnus Aaron Phillips presented the award-winning pitch.

“Our technology is the foundation for resilient and responsive infrastructure,” Phillips says. “Building smarter cities starts with smarter, more secure, data-driven infrastructure, and that is what SitePro can bring to the table”

TechConnect Defense Award

SitePro’s software won in the category of Energy, Infrastructure, and Resilience. The patented intelligent control platform prioritizes transparency, scalability, and security; it puts the power over critical infrastructure management directly in the hands of operators while identifying and deflecting attacks, ensuring the continued protection of our world's most critical resources. 

Currently, SitePro’s technology is utilized by organizations across the country in the oil and gas, municipal water/wastewater, and agriculture sectors.

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