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What Does the ICS Acquisition Mean for SitePro?

How does the merger of two of the premier Energy Tech companies operating in the oilfield automation space improve the oil and gas industry as a whole?

The SitePro leadership team is excited about the future of SitePro and what the acquisition of Integrated Control Solutions (ICS) means for the company as a whole. 

The merger of two veteran leadership teams with decades of experience in oilfield fluid management operations, in both the midstream and upstream sectors of the oil and gas industry, will allow SitePro to leverage industry best practices to deliver best-in-class automation technology to the market.

"One of the things that has us the most excited about the acquisition of Integrated Control Solutions is the two veteran leadership teams that are coming together as one. Our goal with this acquisition is to enhance our technology and increase the service presence in all of the basins that we serve."

- David Bateman, Chairman of the Board and Co-Chief Executive Officer of SitePro

Combining these two leading oilfield technology companies will benefit the market by standardizing the equipment, software and processes needed to automate fluid management operations. Improved standardization will allow SitePro to leverage ICS's exceptional customer service record to provide the best products and services in the oilfield technology space.

Our ability to improve customer service by combining the best of ICS with the existing SitePro platform is the primary focus as we integrate ICS into SitePro. Continuously improving our products and services is a key tenant in SitePro and we are excited to gain the resources of a company known for unparalleled customer service.

This acquisition will allow SitePro to scale into other areas of the market, from new geographies to different technology solutions. It also gives us access to more resources in areas like project management, financial integration, human resources and other support functions that helped make ICS great.

"As we go about integrating the ICS company and employees into SitePro, we have a plan to ensure our customers benefit the most from the combined technologies and other resources to give them the best customer service on the market."

- Jon Cox, Chief Operating Officer of SitePro


The ICS acquisition fits well with SitePro: It adds more customer locations in the Permian Basin but also expands our geography into other markets and regions. With our existing operations, we now operate in the Permian, Bakken, Eagle Ford, Rockies, Haynesville, Utica, SCOOP/STACK, and the Barnett.

Over the next three to five years we will be expanding our operation into other regions while making deeper penetrations into the existing markets in which we already operate.

"With the evolution of the digital oilfield, we feel that the combination of SitePro and ICS brings together a tech-enabled services business model that is not pure SAAS but is not pure oilfield services."

- Josh Cobb, Chief Financial Officer of SitePro

Being able to take the relationships that ICS brings to the table and couple those with the technology platform that SitePro has built, and giving the market a company with the most cutting edge technology with best-in-class services that help operators scale their business faster, safer and at a lower cost than ever before.

To read the full press release announcing the SitePro's acquisition of Integrated Control Solutions (ICS), click the button below.

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