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EIX's Jim Wetherbe Interviews SitePro Co-CEO David Bateman

Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange's Jim Wetherbe sat down with SitePro CEO David Bateman to discuss his entrepreneurial journey in the energy industry.

Through hard work and smart risk taking, SitePro Inc.'s Co-CEO and Founder David Bateman has been able to learn what it means to launch a great product.

SitePro is an energy technology company and leading provider of automation solutions in the upstream and midstream oil and gas sectors. The company's services and solutions help their oilfield customers monitor operations, pinpoint problems and deploy troubleshooters to the right places at the right time -- saving those customers wasted effort, time and money. With a recent acquisition of Integrated Control Solutions (ICS), Bateman has set a great example of what it takes and means to be a successful entrepreneur.

"Aaron Phillips, my business partner at SitePro, and I put our heads together to change the way things were done in oil and gas," Bateman said. "Technology was slow to move into that space more than other areas and we saw that as an opportunity to develop software and a better way of doing things."

He recently sat down with with EIX's Jim Wetherbe to discuss how an ice storm ignited his entrepreneurial spirit, the key lesson he learned from damaging, and getting the money to repair his father's truck and how working alongside his mentors makes him a better business owner every day. He also shares some valuable advice to help time-stressed founders make a focused effort to achieve their goals.

Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange (EIX) is a social media learning platform whose goal is to dramatically improve the success rate of new business ventures. Launched in April of 2014 by James Wetherbe, founding Editor in Chief with David Deeds as Senior Editor, EIX was created to upend the staid and arcane world of academic, practical and educational publishing via print journals. The site features research articles on entrepreneurship by academia’s foremost professors and other experts, as well as illuminating video interviews with and articles by some of America’s most successful entrepreneurs.

If you're an entrepreneur working in the energy industry and would like to reach out to David, you can find him on LinkedIn by clicking here. To find out more about SitePro, check out some of our videos on YouTube.

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