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Field Ticket Reconciliation Made Easy [Video]

Oil and gas field ticket reconciliation can be tedious and time consuming for your back-office employees. What if you never had to do it again?

The work that you do in the oilfield is hard enough. With long hours, hazardous jobs and extreme weather conditions, paperwork and regulatory filings shouldn’t be what keeps you from getting paid. 

Nor should it take up huge blocks of time that could be spent growing and improving your operations.
That is exactly why SitePro developed ROC Ticket: ROC Ticket takes the tedious administrative work off of your plate so you can focus on work closer to the wellhead.
ROC Ticket is a done-for-you service to reconcile your electronic tickets with your accounting software while identifying the tickets and invoices that need attention. ROC Ticket dramatically decreases your order-to-cash, and helps eliminate errors on regulatory reports for every state.
Regulatory agencies in the oil and gas industry like the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) or the Oil and Gas Division of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) do their part to keep oilfield workers and the environment safe, but the paperwork required to remain in compliance can be cumbersome. Outsourcing the completion of regulatory paperwork already in a digital oilfield ticket center streamlines your regulatory compliance process.
Freeing up your back-office personnel not only allows them to focus on more important tasks, but it also saves your operation money. In a market where reducing the costs of handling oilfield fluids by as little as one cent per barrel can have a dramatic influence on the profitability of your operations, every reduction in your operating expenses can help you outperform your competition.
The true value of your business doesn’t sit in a stack of paperwork or on one of your back-office computers, it is out at the site. Managed services can increase the productivity of your workforce also increase the value of your business.
SitePro’s ROC Ticket was designed to take the pain out of the work that most of us dread. Minimizing your revenue leakage and allowing your administrative team to do more with their day-to-day activities is as simple as adding this service to your field ticket reconciliation process.
Improving efficiencies in the oil and gas industry is about leveraging people and technology allowing your business to be more profitable. A truly digital oilfield combines both to do more with less.

For a more in-depth demonstration on how SitePro can assist in your specific operations, schedule a demo with one of our automation experts by clicking the button below or reaching out to our sales team at sales@sitepro.com.

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