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SitePro Doubles Size With Integrated Control Solutions Acquisition

Read a feature article from Midland Reporter-Telegram about SitePro's recent acquisition of Integrated Control Solutions.


SitePro, active in oilfield automation technology for the last seven years, has seen its reach expand significantly with the acquisition of Integrated Control Solutions.

David Bateman, chairman of the board and co-chief executive officer of Lubbock-based SitePro, said the combination of the two companies has doubled the number of sites using either system.

“We now have over 1,000 sites under the SitePro platform,” he told the Reporter-Telegram by telephone.

Bateman said Midland native Randy Greer and Dominic Whitworth, who founded Integrated Control Solutions in 2006 had built a great business, primarily installing automated monitoring systems for saltwater disposal. Though SitePro was active primarily in the exploration and production sector, installing systems at production facilities and water ponds, among other sites, the company had also installed systems at some saltwater disposal sites. According to Bateman, “in 2019, 2 billion barrels of water flowed through our system.” With ICS part of the company, he said that in the Permian Basin, for commercial saltwater disposal sites – and only commercial sites – SitePro is the automation provider for 50 percent of that market, he said.

The deal was pursued, Bateman said, to increase SitePro’s service presence and to add to the company’s technology. The deal brings to his company Greer and Whitworth, “two industry veterans who have been automation a long time” and who will retain ownership in SitePro and joining its management team. ICS’ technology, staff and services will be integrated, he said.

“We’ll be taking the best pieces of both companies and building a new version of our system that’s compatible with what’s already in the field; it will be seamless to our customers,” Bateman stated.

Over the next three years, he said his company’s goal is to have 5,000 sites receiving the company’s technical solutions and service products.

The company also plans to launch new services like a platform that helps operators manage their chemicals. Next year will bring what Bateman called SitePro IQ, a business intelligence and insights and data analysis program that gives operators an overview of their operations.

He’s also thinking beyond the oil patch, saying some of the company’s automation platforms could apply to municipal and commercial water operations.

It’s all part of what he thinks is digital change being experienced by the energy industry.

“We’ll see it more and more,” Bateman said. “This new generation of operators is focused on data and using data to make the right decisions

“SitePro really is on the cutting edge and leading the digital transformation” in the oil fields, he said. He sees that transformation as including software-based SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), offering more controls, more cloud-based technology.



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